You have either seen us on TV or read about us, and you'd like to do a tour. The problem is that you have no idea where you want to go; you are not sure of the geography of Vietnam; and names like Dalat and Hoi An mean nothing to you.

Don't worry - you're not alone!  This is why we rely on our boss, Mr Khoa (better known by his road name  ''Eddie Murphy'').  He has the knowledge and experience to make sure you have a trip to remember, and a really fun bike tour.

Its not a marketing ploy when we say he has over 500 trips under his belt and has been doing this for 14 years. It's simply the truth!

There are few places he hasn't visited in Vietnam, and few questions he can't answer. Eddie knows every trick in the book to make sure our customers are happy: all the best places to stay and eat; and the most picturesque scenery, waterfalls and other places of interest.

All we ask is that you read this website then give us some idea of your requirements. Maybe tell us your ages and how many in your group, for example (including how many would like to ride themselves, and how many would like to ride pillion) - and of course the most important clue of all: how many days you will be with us. Then leave it with us for a day or so.

Within a few days we will send you a tour plan. If you like it you can book it. If you think it needs altering, we will do it. In fact, we will keep doing it until you think, "That's the trip for me!"

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