Before paying your deposit you will receive a copy of our full terms which you must read and agree to. Below is a summary.

Your safety

                       Your safety is of paramount importance to us, so we ask that you wear a helmet at all times and no open shoes when driving.

 We discourage drinking and riding, and definitely will not allow you to ride our new bikes if you are under the influence.

 We assume that you are able to ride a motorbike; however, if you are a bit nervous or it’s been a few years then please let us know - it won't stop you going on tour but we will allow a bit of time for a refresher.


                   We charge a minimum deposit of 100 USD to book a tour. If you are booking our All Inclusive tour or you want us to arrange internal flights, the deposit may be higher.


• Our tours do not include personal insurance.
• Each  rider must have individual repatriation insurance and provide information of the nearest representative office  which we can contact in case of emergency. [Your normal holiday insurance should be OK.]
• We ask each participant in our tours to sign a disclaimer stipulating that he/she has personal insurance and that Nha Trang Easy will not, in any circumstances, have to assume the responsibility or the expenses caused in the event of accident or disease. Any expenses incurred by us  in such circumstances will have to be reimbursed.


                       The balance of your payment must be paid in cash (USD) on meeting your guide or driver. If we are putting you in a hotel in HCMC and you arrive late at night and wish to pay the following morning, that will be OK.



                   We do not refund your 100 USD deposit. But unlike most companies, we will if it’s OK with you and we can do it, arrange a trip for a later time so you don’t lose the deposit.

 If you have paid a higher deposit and cancel 8 weeks prior to your arrival then we will return all your money less 100 USD.

 If you cancel within a few weeks and have paid shall we say 500 USD then we will try to return what we can less 100 USD. What this means is that if we have booked your internal flights it may be difficult for us to get the payment back, although with hotels it's usually possible in most cases.

 Note: In truth, we don’t want your money if we haven’t used it and will always try to return whatever we can.

 Unforeseen price increases

                  The price we quote you when you book your holiday is what we genuinely believe to be the right and correct price. If for some reason, however, there should be an increase, we will do one of two things. Five percent or under we will bear the increase; above 5% we will inform you and let you decide if you wish to pay it or not. This is usually unlikely to happen with pre-planned travel and/or hotels, but the cost of internal flights can be unpredictable at times.


                  We aim to give you a wonderful time and want you to be happy. Should a problem arise, please try to sort it out with your guide or driver. If you are still not happy, please contact the office ASAP. We will do our upmost to resolve the problem for you.


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