Vietnam motorbike tours Nha Trang

Our aim is not only to give you a lovely, safe tour - but to show you the "real" Vietnam.

Not the Vietnam you see in the guide books. But the Vietnam with fantastic scenery, amazing waterfalls and most of all its people. There are many tribes and minority peoples in the mountains; they live differently and speak different languages than your driver or your guide - and the children have to be the friendliest on earth!

 We want you to really enjoy your time on the bike. You will be on roads where you may see no-one for hours, but when you do see someone they will surely want to stop and have a chat. Do it - you're on holiday! Like Eddie will say, ‘You are on a bike but it's not a race’.

We love to take tour groups and everyone's favourite has to be the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We do it in about a 9-day return to Nha Trang. You can read about that tour on this site but, whichever tour you choose, we go out of our way to show you everything from National Parks to women making coffee to kids diving for river shrimps. We take you inside houses of the minority people and show you how they still live, and we always stop at waterfalls (where you will surely want to strip off and get under!).

Our bikes are all 125s, and you may think "not big enough" but you would be mistaken. They are the ideal size, weight and power for the terrain we will travel over.

A true story: last year we had 7 boys and 2 girls [ha ha, I say 'boys and girls' but they were all over 50] from Australia. Some of the guys were experienced bike riders and complained a little on mounting the 125s. They wanted bigger but, as that's very difficult in Vietnam, off they went. They did the Coastal Tour. Then last week, that same party booked the Ho Chi Minh trail in August; they also asked for the same guides Lum and Lam, and this time they have added a few new friends for us to meet. We can’t wait to see them again!

 Come and join us for memories that will last a lifetime!

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